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Stuart Keeler is a cultural producer with broad international experience in curating, programming, writing about and commissioning contemporary artists, public art and socially based interventions in the public realm. Keeler’s research interests include contemporary art and its critical context in relation to communities; embodiment, diaspora issues and performativity, socially based art actions in gallery and urban space contexts as well as cultural and artistic forms of sculptural practices and thinking. Educated and trained to work in museums and galleries – his main interest is in the role of the artist in public space. Keeler has led complex urban projects with major urban centres across North America, as well as independent galleries and non-profit institutions across North America.

In addition he has founded and directed numerous artist projects and curatorial affiliations associated with festivals, museums, galleries and contemporary art spaces in North America, EU and Asia. Keeler has had long time pedagogical affiliations with School at the Art Institute of Chicago, Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) as well as been visiting artist and curator at over 30 colleges, universities and city agencies. Keeler has an MFA from the School at the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).