4 Culture: Le Flash
Co-Curator Stuart Keeler

Idea Capital Arts Grant

Le Flash-Atlanta Grows Up

Art in Odd Places:
Log Roll

Bad at Sports Reviews:
Episode 145: Proximity Magazine
Episode 58: 44/46 & Reviews

Canadian Museum Association
Stuart Keeler, Creating a Movement

Creative Loafing:
Le Flash Sheds Light on Public Art in Atlanta

Hyde Park Art Center:



4 Culture: Public Art

Redondo Heights Park & Ride
Public Art Guide #78

Stuart Horodner and Stuart Keeler discuss Aerge to Walk

An Aerge to Walk: Three performances by Stuart Keeler

Apex Art:
Don’t Piss on Me and Tell Me It’s Raining

Brooklyn Rail:
Greenpoint’s Next Façade

Cabinet Magazine
Jacob Hodes, Whitewood Under Siege

Careerday Team:
Collaborative Statement

The Contemporary Studio:
Profile: Stuart Keeler

Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.:
Architectural Glass and Mosaic Projects: Keeler & Machnic

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Social Exchange

Heavy Industries:
Public Art and Transportation

Public Art Directory:
Stuart Keeler’s Virtual Exchange

Modernist Architecture
San Diego Gets A Real Airport Too

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Colours of Architecture by Andrew Moor

San Diego – Airport-Taxonomy of a Cloud
Architecture and design

San Diego Reader
Taxonomy of a Cloud

San Francisco Examiner:
The Tipping Point – Stuart Keeler’s 215 Dollar Project

Swarovski Crystal and Stuart Keeler
It’s Raining Crystal

Urban Warp/Weft:
A.N. Pritzker School Collaboration



Green Lantern Press:
Service Media

Service Media
A Compilation of Edited Texts
Michele Grabner, Carol Becker, Susan Schuppli, Bad at Sports, Juliana Dreiver, Joyce Fernandes and others

Art Metropole
Spacing Store
Jendel O Reyes