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An AERGE To Walk

Stuart Keeler
A series of endurance walking performances in the public realm
Atlanta, GA

Embarking on a series of performance pieces in the urban context of Atlanta by making three distinct walks through the city.  Atlanta has long been defined by the travel experience of the automobile amidst the post modern lapses of hysterical city planning of the last 20 years. The work became a meditation on this concept, nomadically creating a playful way of reclaiming the city as a pedestrian. Using time, the city streets, and the memories of passerby, the movement of body created an abstracted series of action and performance based drawings, using the body as a meditative drawing device upon the city plan of Atlanta.

In the way that Guy Debord and The Situationists identified the construct of new city living with the theory of Dérive, “a means of stripping naked the city,” the Artist  walked and constructed a new language of the disrupted Cartesian grid.  Employing a monochromatic series of clothing which will serve to identify the action and performances in progress. The artist aimed at becoming a streak of primary colors will employ a GPS Navigational Device, and the artist will document and record the walk as a series of evolving drawings.

Aerge is the act of plunging into an immediate environment, with an awareness of time and mental state of a special quality separate from everyday life. The performance pieces will examine the idea of walking as a subtle activity, endurance, as well as align as a physical drawing process in the city spaces of Atlanta.

The walking pieces will comprised a series of performances – December 16, December 18, and December 21, 2009.  Each walk began at the intersection of Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue at 9:00am each day. The artist walked to The Perimeter – Interstate 285 that circles the city of Atlanta each day.