Angles of Reflection Angles of Reflection Angles of Reflection

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Angles of Reflection

Stuart Keeler
Architectural glass, digital photography, hand painting, on film
1,755 sq feet
Fulton County Public Art Council
Atlanta Justice Center
Atlanta, GA

Project Partner: GlasMalerei Peters

Angles of Reflection is a memorial piece which marks the loss of Hoyt Teasley, Julie Brandau, and Rowland Barnes on March 11, 2005. The term, “angle of reflection” is a scientific one that refers to the movement of light as it forms a straight line and bounces from one reflective surface to another in a continued visual direction. This artwork creates a connection to the lives lost through the activation of the angle with linear and graphic colorful representation. The concept expresses the spiritual transformative nature of remembrance. It references the metamorphosis of life and death, with an understanding of the transformation as healing, memory, and respect. The backdrop to the work is an image of a Georgia southern pine forest, a native tree that is part of the local landscape. The soft violet evokes the strength of a forest; the silence of justice and the native species evoke strength and memory. The subtle shift in color allows the work to have multiple visual experiences that vary with daytime and nighttime lighting situations.