Apotheosis (Beams) Apotheosis (Beams) Apotheosis Apotheosis  redred


Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic
Silkscreen, etched laminated float glass, salvaged timber sculptural component
2,300 sq feet
City of Tacoma Arts Commission
Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, WA

Project partner: Franz Mayer of Munich

Apotheosis is the Greek term meaning “to raise to the status of sacred or holy.” Timber has long formed the backbone of the Pacific Northwest and specifically Tacoma. It was the great forested landscape that formed the mythology and livelihood of the native people and created a budding commerce for the settlers, and then provided structure for the warehouses that lined the waterfront. The work is a sequence of events that hypothesizes the next life for old growth timber. The 7 old growth Douglas fir timbers were salvaged from a 100 year old warehouse demolished for the new convention center. Each surface was hand hewn at a local history museum and suspended within a multi-story series of public spaces. Together they form a way-finding element throughout the various levels of the Convention Center. The topographic imagery of Mount Rainier provides an unconventional view of this ubiquitous icon. Held within the lacy mist are the ghost trunk images of the old growth Douglas firs.