Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic
Earthwork with rustic recycled glass terrazzo
5 individual forms @ 4’ x 30’ x 14’
Redondo Park-n-Ride
Federal Way, WA

Earth forms seemingly erupt from the land and conceptually link the landscape with the first transit through the region – the great glaciers of the last Ice Age that scoured back and forth across the region. A project composed of sustainable materials, xerascaping with local species as well as solar lighting. The artist led project was a unique collaboration between architect, landscape arachitect and engineers in the final production and fabrication and conceptual emphasis of the project. Project partner Rich Murakami and Nakano & Associates.

Design team artist participation also involved the design and augmentation of the strong verticals that augment the typical METRO shelters and conceptually mark the movement of the glaciers.

At night the land forms glow as the crushed, recycled glass surfaces are flooded with light.