Virtual Exchange

Stuart Keeler
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Grainger Hall Graduate School of Business
Wisconsin Arts Board Percent for Art – Public Art Program

The X O forms actively scroll money market information from NYSE, NASDAQ and up to 300 other global markets in 3 world languages of business and commerce. The artwork is charged by solar energy, which is built within the architecture of the Business School by the artists design intention. This artwork seeks to create a dialogue on

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the campus by overlapping interdisciplinary interests of science/green power and global commerce presented within an art context. The work exists in collaboration with Sunrise Systems a US based company that has the ability to address complex requirements in electrical and mechanical design for art and architecture. The O form is a continuous spiral of live information from the world wide web, X form radiates from a central point – the constantly moving shapes receive power from the exterior building mounted solar panels installed for the project.