Paper Pile Paper Pile red

Paper Pile

Stuart Keeler Amanda Browder
Gallery 400 – University of Illinois – Chicago
Curated by Lorelei Stewart

A vast growing mound of shredded paper pile collected from University of Chicago recycling center. The evolving mounding process was gathered weekly and dumped into the space of the gallery, the gallery became the recycling center – where the accumulation of shredded paper grew weekly through consumption, use and “waste” of the campus. The pile shifted from all white, to painterly explosions of color weekly. After the show the work was gathered and placed back into the recycling system. The paper pile grew over the 60 days of the exhibition.

“Public art” within the private context of the institution, allows for conversation and chance to occur with alternatives examples of education. In an attempt to point out ideas about sustainability and waste reduction, the goal of the exhibition was to seek to find new sources of materials in the creation of work that can educate and bring new ideas about the buzzwords of “green” and “sustainability” – the work does not attempt to SOVLE THE PROBLEM, rather hopes to provoke conversation and dialogue about these topics and reality and current global situation of need to address on a daily level.