Psychic Stone Psychic Stone red

Psychic Stone

Stuart Keeler
Mylar, Tape, Painting on Canvas

Post Bail-Out Aesthetics is a free public art service that is interested in the unseen positive forces that generate goodwill, tranquillity, and abundance. Post Bail-Out Aesthetics, does not aim to fix the problem of the current economy, rather Post Bail-Out Aesthetics aims to generate possible new ideas, innovative ways of seeing, doing, and understanding the current economy. This collaborative free-service aims to envision and offer a sculptural approach of invisible-yet-known site forces as a conceptual public art experience.

A conceptual project by artist Stuart Keeler, the team is composed of 2 professional experts; each with a specific job to perform, a Feng Shui Practioner, and a Psychic Color Analyst. A free one hour service.

“This public art service aims to elucidate the energy of understanding that resides hidden in the positive forces of our environments, which; similar to the stock market, govern our daily lives. The capital for this project will come from the energy of the environment and the participants involved in the process. This capital trust will create the distribution of goodwill in order to form new bonds that will mature into future communities.”

Post Bail-Out Aesthetics is about the social process of building a new community that will inspire and challenge those involved and those observing to think about our own individual possibilities during this unique and defining moment in our culture.

Each site will be documented with a “before and after” photograph, as well as a conceptual statement about the site. Artist, Stuart Keeler will interpret each team’s response to the site with a non-invasive sculptural translation of the advice offered by the team. Furthermore, the artist’s interpretation will be informed by an awareness of art history as it relates to these contemporary methods of site specificity. Post Bail-Out Aesthetics will encourage participants to invest in the futures of the artistic energy in their environment, which hopefully will provide returns in the form of a positive environment regardless of the surrounding economic pressure. Post Bail-Out Aesthetics hopes to redefine our individual commodities as intangible assets that gain greater significance within this conceptual project.

Post Bail-Out Aestheticsaims to shift the role of the artist working on site through inventive new collaborations and processes with other artists: Painting by Chung Fan Chang.