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011+91 | 011+92
On Locational Identity

Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2013

Regional representations of South Asian art have traditionally explored the subject within the context of history. Many art institutions have done such an excellent job historicizing South Asian art that this approach has become the norm. At the Art Gallery of Mississauga, while we are interested in the historical positions of art and artists, our aim is to engage, think and inspire with contemporary ideas and projects that reflect the thinking of current cultural production. In today’s cultural climate, even conversation around regional art is necessarily a global one.

The works in 011+91 | 011+92 engage with questions of home and belonging. Artists are of South Asian descent, but they live in London, Portland, Toronto, Montreal, Mumbai, Ottawa and Mississauga—thus creating a truly global dialogue. At the AGM, one of our goals is to support and encourage artists to create a contemporary conversation around topics and issues that may be familiar to some and new to others. The notion of a civic dialogue with a gentle edge of disruption alongside critical enquiry is a quiet mantra that informs our work at the AGM. Having the answer is not the goal, but rather the act of dialogue itself—exploring ideas, asking questions and re-contextualizing issues through a contemporary lens. The enquiry is important and the work challenging, and it is thanks to the support of our sponsor RBC and various partners and collaborators that we have the luxury of bringing this conversation to Mississauga.

011+91 | 011+92: On Locational Identity
Introduction by Stuart Keeler
Essays by Stuart Keeler, Zarmina Rafi,Deepika Sorabjee, Cole Swanson and Indu Vashist
Published by the Art Gallery of Mississauga
Available at the AGM and Art Metropole

Online Preview

Avantika Bawa
Dipna Horra
Eshan Rafi
Joshua Vettivelu
Khadija Baker
Meera Sethi
Sumaira Tazeen
Sunil Gupta