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F’d Up!

Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2012

F’d Up! brings together significant works by 15 artists currently in the realm of contemporary material explorations who em-ploy the skills and techniques of traditional craft or fibre. The debate of Fibre vs. Craft or Craft vs. Art is not the topic of interest. Rather, the work in this exhibition focuses upon fibre as a material study to convey conceptual rigour from the haptic to the hypnotic. What is “F’d up” is that an artist who works with thread, string, yarn or fabric is often equated with the backroom politics of the moniker “women’s work,” a gender-based derogatory term that precludes the possibility of male artists working with fibre. In line with that is the questionable assumption that fibre is a lesser sculptural medium for explora-tion or content in the realm of art. There is nothing wrong with “women’s work;” however the term excludes from the conversation important subjects being ex-plored in the field of fibre-based work, such as notions of mascu-linity, identity, diaspora and global politics in addition to the queer crafting movement.

F’d Up!
Essays by Stuart Keeler, Kirsty Robertson and Kendra Ainsworth
Published by the Art Gallery of Mississauga
Online Reader

Amanda Browder
Anne Wilson
Catalina Gonzalez
Claire Ashley
Colleen Snell
Ed Pien
Franco Arcieri
Hazel Meyer
Johannes Zits
Judith Tinkl
Kai Chan
Lyn Carter
Michelle Forsyth
Noelle Hamlyn
Sandra Poczob