Hyde Park Art Center
Commisioned by Contemporary Art Council
Chicago, Illinois, 2008

How do the social constructs of the art world become transparent? When does a paradigm become self-defeating?

Interiority initiates a dialogue about the hidden social dynamics of the art world. Exploring the curatorial constructs created within a social construct. The role of the artist and the curator are challenged when an initial core of 6 artists are asked: ‘What Chicago artist’s work, ethics and practices do you admire? …and you do not know?” The answer is a dialogue, which challenges the impersonal hierarchies while creating a new art world based on admiration of work, ideas and professionalism.

Amanda Browder
Amy Mayfield
Beth Lipman
Carol Jackson
Ingigo Manglano-Ovalle
Kerry James Marshall
Michael Rakowitz
Nick Cave
Sumakshi Singh