Scott Carter, Luminous Flux, 2008 Kristina Solomoukha, Car Fountain, 2008 Eric Mercer, Knitting Project - 2008 Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin: You Sound Funny When You Smile red


Le Flash
Castleberry Hill District
Alanta, Georgia 2009
Curated by Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler

Le Flash – an evening when art experiments with light! The Nuit Blanche-inspired event illuminated the Castleberry Hill district from dusk to midnight on October 2, creating a unique cultural experience along the streets of Castleberry, a historic community at the edge of downtown Atlanta. Rain or shine, the neighborhood showered with the light and sound of installations, performance art, music, video projections, an iron pour and other unexpected art happenings.

Curators Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler, the team that invented and produced Le Flash, produced 2008, 2009 events – which premiere with the support of local and international funding, the neighborhood association and a team of local art students and volunteers. Le Flash 2008 centered on the spatial dynamic of Castleberry Hill, making site-specific use of empty lots and dark streets in ways that captured the city’s emerging, and largely untapped, potential for public art. The curators’ aim was to initiate a yearly ephemeral arts celebration that linked the local community to a broader cultural scene. On October 24, 2008, the legendary potential of the event became immediately apparent. Beneath the cloak of a cold drizzle, the projects were realized in one form or another by improvising artists. A thousand participants ventured out to find a magical happening overtake the district.

Le Flash shares a transitory aesthetic with cities around the world that take a night out for art once a year. Paris and Toronto, Tokyo and Berlin are among the cultural destinations that light up for NUIT BLANCHE. Santa Monica’s GLOW transforms the pier, the beach and Palisades Park for art encounters from dusk to dawn. Using light as the theme, Byrd and Keeler sparked the energy of the Atlanta artist community, encouraging sound and light installations, projected imagery and illuminated performances. The team designed LE FLASH 2008 as a first step in establishing a sustainable vision for an annual night-long, city-wide event. Creating a successful platform for new-genre public art, they called attention to the need for public and private investment in contemporary projects. Le Flash 2009, was highly succesful with over 5,000 viewers flooding the district for the 5 hour event of light, performance and art investigations. Can the next iteration of Le Flash keep the spirit, the community drive as well as create the sense of connectivity in its next iteration?

Eric Mercer, Knitting Project – 2008
Scott Carter, Luminous Flux, 2008
Kristina Solomoukha, Car Fountain, 2008
Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin, You Sound Funny When You Smile, 2009
Lauri Stallings, GloAtl, 2009
Dance Truck, Malina Rodriquez / Melanie Turner, 2009
Danielle Roney, Homeless America, 2009
Micah Stansell / Whitney Stansell, Tryptich, 2009