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Pillbilly Fantasia
Cindy Blaževic

Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2012

In popular culture – and I should note here that I know almost nothing about real life outside popular culture – pills always seemed the upper-middle-class drug of choice. There’s something particularly WASPy about pills. Like most things WASPs love, they’re entirely self-contained: no pipes or rubber hoses or rolled-up twenties required. They’re basically like a drug version of a yoga mat. This gives pills an air of respectability that culture makers have exploited throughout history. Can you try to reimagine The Matrix with, instead of red and blue pills, Morpheus offering Neo two different needles? Yet, in essence, it’s no different. But, like in all aspects of life, there’s a class system to drugs. And while cocaine may be more expensive than pills (it may be, I really have no idea), it just seems seedier.