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Salon des Refusés 

Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network
Baltimore, Maryland, 2009

A notorious exhibition of work by French artists who were rejected from the official 1863 Paris Salon, the Salon des Refusés featured many of those now considered masters, including Cezanne, Manet, and Pissarro. Although critics and the public ridiculed the show in 1863, its structure became a precedent for today’s independent, unofficial exhibitions. This presented an opportunity for discussion on risk taking in public art and the role of the artist as a cultural producer who reimagines public space. Acknowledging that there are many reasons artists and projects are not selected for public art commissions, this presentation sought to recognize the power of “what could have been.” The more than 400 submissions to the project were showcased during the conference along with a seminal presentation and curatorial panel. Final results were published in the peer-reviewed ARCADE journal on arts and public space.  

Notable Artists Include:
Christine Tarkowski
Janet Echelman
Mel Chin
Mierle Laderman Ukeles
Sara Schnadt
Vito Acconci