Sur La Glace | Standing on Ice
Lise Beaudry

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Featured Exhibition
Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2012

The landscape is a prominent subject in Canadian art practice. The outdoors perpetuates much of what it is to live in Canada. From the early explorers through the Group for Seven and in much of contemporary art practice depictions of the land, in all seasons, is an ongoing theme. Whether used to describe the Canadian topography or to express personal relationship to the land, artists have found intrigue and inspiration from the Canadian terrain. Lise Beaudry ‘s photographic landscapes in Standing on Ice are powerful, minimal representations of the artist’s experience with the topography of Northern Ontario. Beaudry has stripped away all but the essence of the land she depicts. We are drawn into the photographs as if lured into dangerous and unfamiliar surroundings yet strangely and inexplicably we willingly go.