Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one such issue that has affected so many of the people. Men who are above the age of 75 are facing this issue in intense manner. The very bad lifestyle and stressful day today affairs have put people who are just in their 30s also to go through this condition. Erectile dysfunction is even known as impotence. It is the condition in which men lose the ability for maintaining the erection when he is involved in sex. The symptoms even include the reduction for sex and even libido. If you think that you are going through this condition then you should know more about the same and also find the best ways to treat the condition.

Factors that Cause Erectile Dysfunction

There are so many factors which can increase the risk of one getting affected with this condition. Erection can be achieved with the coordination of brain, blood vessels, nerves, muscles as well as hormones. Problem that happens with any of these components can result in abnormality in the functioning of penis which is even going to have a negative impact on erection. Obesity, Parkinson’s disease, tobacco usage, prostate issues, diabetes, heart disease etc are some of the reasons for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Panax Ginseng &RhodiolaRosea

PanaxGinsen and RhodiaRosea is even known as the herbal Viagra and is something found as very effective for treating the condition of ED. There has been researches going on the effectiveness of this herb for treating the ones who have some kind of issues with erection. The dosage of this is suggested to be something between 600 – 1000 mg for three times in a day. You should continue this daily. It is good that you start using it by getting suggestions from the doctor so that you can feel much better and also confident about the treatment.


DHEA is a kind of hormone which is normally produced by the adrenal glands. There are chances for this to get reduced with age or due to some other factors which can make much change to your body and also getting the finest way to get. This is the hormone which can easily be converted to the hormones like testosterone as well as estrogen. Scientists can easily make dietary supplement which is something that you can get from soy and also yam. The studies show that this is really a great remedy for you to deal with the issues of ED and if that is low in you then it can make things worse for you. The ones who have gone through the DHEA treatment have found that effective and good which can maintain the erection in better way for them that they could come out of the issue of dysfunction of erection. This is also the treatment that you can do with the assistance of the proper physician so that you can stay safe and also without any kind of issues at all. There are chances for you to have amazing time there by enjoying well after this treatment.

L Arginine

L Arginine is one among those amino acids which are present in body naturally. It can be helpful in making nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can relax the blood vessels for facilitating successful erection. Researches have shown that it has got the ability for dealing with the issue in much better way. About 30 percentage of the men who have been taking L Arginine for about 5 grams daily found much improvements with the issue of erectile dysfunction. There were other studies which have showed L arginine is something that is going to get combined along with the pycnogenol, which is a plan product from the bark of a tree to actually help in restoring the sexual ability of the people.


Acupuncture is one such kind of treatments that is very effective for treating the issue in erection much effectively. Acupuncture could improve quality in the erections as well as could restore the sexual activity in most of the participants. There are very good experts available who can help you in getting this done so that you feel comfortable and also come out of the issue much easily than any other treatments you have.